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Dear Kids, Parents and Teachers,

Star of the Week: A Story of Love, Adoption, and Brownies with Sprinkles is my first book for children. Star of the WeekI was thrilled to work on Star of the Week in collaboration with my wonderfully talented husband, Roger Roth. We live near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with our daughter, Eden, and our two dogs, Dobo (an Airedale Terrier), and Drizzle (a Miniature Schnauzer).

For many years, I have worked for an organization called Soroptimist. We help make the world better for women and girls. That’s a tall order because women and girls (including those right here in the United States) face a lot of challenges. In particular, women and girls suffer more from poverty and discrimination.

CassidyCaring about girls is one of the things that led Roger and me to decide on adopting from China. We knew that conditions for girls there, as in many parts of the world, are not ideal. So, about 11 years ago Roger and I traveled to the other side of the earth to be united with our incredible daughter. Raising her is a wonderful adventure, and the best part of our lives.

Lots of great books have been written about adoption, and adoption from China in particular. We own most of them, and they have been very helpful and comforting to our family. We noticed, though, that these books don’t talk much about the experience outside the home. Roger and I got the idea for Star of the Week as a way of reaching out to all kids who feel they’re a little different from everyone else. We hope it inspires kids to feel good about and celebrate their differences, especially in a school setting.

In other exciting news, my daughter, Eden, and I have started a blog. You
can access it at www.edens-garden.com. “Eden’s Garden” is a place for
mothers and tween/teen daughters to discuss everything from adoption to
girlfriend problems to school, and more. Be sure to check it out!



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This just in! Star of the Week was named a 2009 "Best of the Best" by the Chicago Public Library System!

Here are some reviews and testimonials. Click here to read more.
Roth’s vibrant illustrations capture the personality of Cassidy-Li, the six-year-old narrator who tells her story in unaffected language that will appeal to children. … The story has universal appeal, making it a good choice for a read-aloud.—School Library Journal

The pictures add character and a light touch to a story, which, while upbeat, deals forthrightly with the uncertainties of adoptees. Cassidy-Li’s thoughts and questions about her birth family will resonate with adopted children and serve as a springboard for discussion in homes and class rooms.—Booklist

A heartfelt collaboration in which Friedman and Roth draw upon their experience as adoptive parents.—Kirkus Reviews

Debuting author Friedman, who is also the wife of Roth (The American Story) and the parent of a Chinese daughter, doesn't try to smooth over the bittersweet elements of Cassidy Li's story. … Roth's affectionate domestic vignettes bolster the story's authenticity considerably, and his vivid portrayal of the confident, thoughtful Cassidy Li speaks volumes about the unconditional love in her life.—Publishers Weekly

Your book is already helping my clients. The gentle way it introduces questions of birthparents and heritage is great for that age range, so I am sure it will help some of the kids I see open up. This is the best new adoption book for kids that I have seen in a long time. —Dianne Kuchlak, Attachment Therapist

As a teacher of second graders for over 13 years, I know how difficult “Star of the Week” can be for some students. I believe the book will help open up the lines of communication for my son and others, as well as show how wonderful and special the “Star of the Week” experience can be!—Jennifer Jump

Star of the Week went in so deeply with both my girls.  While I rarely write to authors, I just had to say thank you.  … One of my daughters slept with her arms around the book last night and then we had another discussion about birth parents and forever families. I hope that Cassidy-Li will show up in some other books in the future.  She’s a great little kid with such an authentic voice.  Thanks for writing this and making this important contribution to all our daughters lives.—Liz McChesney

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My favorites. What are yours?

Our dogs, Dobo and Drizzle
Color Pink!
Food Watermelon (it's pink!)
Illustrator Roger Roth
Dogs Dobo and Drizzle (of course)
People Roger and Eden (of course)
People from history Helen Keller, Mahatma Gandhi, Anne Frank
School Subject English
Sound My daughter's voice
Place The shore
Animal movie "Born Free"
Children's Books Charlotte’s Web
A Bargain for Frances
No, David!
The Sign Painter’s Dream
Fishing for Methuselah


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